R is the Reproduction Ratio of a virus,
the average number that each infected person infects.
R is the Rate at which viruses spread
When R’s above one, expect more and more dead
R is the Ratio of of patients to beds
R is the hospital wards overrun –
We have to keep R below one.
R can be Reduced by practical measures
by government to protect those fighting the virus.
R is the Ratio of lies versus facts,
of promises made versus definite acts,
of testing delivered and PPE packed
R’s the Rotation of truth being spun –
We have to get R below one.
R equals c times p times d, where c is susceptible people in contact,
p is the probability of transmission, and d is the duration of infectiousness.
R is Reserves Reduced by austerity,
equipment stores empty while a few see prosperity
and privatisation peaks the severity
R is the Risk that too little is done –
We have to get R below one.
R is Restricted by minimising the number of people
with whom an infected person comes into contact.
R is Reluctantly still going out
to work for the wages they can’t live without,
with a scarf round their face and a head full of doubt
R is Redundancies jumping the gun –
We have to get R below one.
R is the Rate at which Rights are undone,
The Ratio of losses to victories won,
of progress abandoned to progress begun,
R is the hospitals profiteers run,
the sales of the Mail, the Express and the Sun
R is Repeats when this nightmare is done –
We have to get R below one.

Image by nymixArt from Pixabay

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