“I believe in a fair go
for those who have a go …
If you’re having a go
you’ll get a go.”
Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia, 2019

Everyone must surely know
That Sco- Mo- must- go!
Liberals reap what Liberals sow
Sco- Mo- must- go!
The winds of change will surely blow
Sco- Mo- must- go!

But so must …

Every climate change denier
Neoliberal vote for hire
Singer in the corporate choir
Public seller, private buyer
Who let the land grow hotter, drier
Called the climate strike a liar

Every fire service slasher
Schoolkid demonstration basher
Sneering, hateful scowler, gnasher
Climate warning signal trasher
State or federal party crasher
Business puppet, favour casher

The coalition party dears
Who’ve run the land for arid years
And built their government careers
On insecurity and fears
Left flames to rage past volunteers
Who pay with bravery, sweat and tears

So everyone must surely know
That Sco- Mo- must- go!
The fire is not the only foe
Sco- Mo- must- go!
Let anger and resistance grow
So Sco- Mo- must- go
… with all his party mates in tow.

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