I check my step before the food bank door
See rows of tins and people taken fright
I wish I could go back a year before

Back then my gaze had not yet sunk so poor
Still bought the thought my future might be bright
Knocked hopeful on another hirer’s door

No after no, yet still I asked one more
But no-one hired, their margins were too tight
Please take me back another year before

Our boss said then that tough times were in store
Looked down and swore that he’d see us alright
But once we’d bowed he sent us through the door

I did not answer union calls to war
I told myself it wasn’t worth a fight
I wish it were not now but years before

If I had known our fate I’d not ignore
Strong-voiced appeals to link arms and unite
I’d not be stepping through the food bank door
I wish with all my heart for years before


Look back, look fore, look in
– Look carefully how you choose
If you fight you might not win
– If you don’t you’re sure to lose

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