Report: ETF Women’s Conference 2017

RMT’s delegation to the European Transport workers’ Federation Women’s Conference comprised Mary Jane Herbison, Michelle Rodgers, Lorna Tooley and Janine Booth. The conference was, unfortunately, squeezed into a short time on a single day. It still managed to do its business and hear some interesting and relevant contributions.

Report on the ETF Women’s Committee’s work 2013-17

Plan for 2017-21

  • Conference adopted the proposed plan for the next four years, with priorities of: opposing violence against women; improving women’s transport jobs; equal pay; women’s training.


  • The European Trades Union Congress (ETUCC) spoke about what trade unions can do about domestic violence, including: training reps; campagins; awareness; policies; and more.
  • Ekaterina Yordanova of Bulgarian union FTTUB said that the ETF Women’s Committee is ‘determined to step up the fight for women transport workers’ rights and equality’, emphasising that trade unions are accountable to all members, including women.
  • Diana Holland, chair of the International Transport workers’ Federation (ITF) Women’s Committee argued that women transport workers need trade unions and that transport trade unions need women, pointing out that 14% of members of ITF-affiliated trade unions are women.
  • Jodi Evans, ITF Women transport workers’ and equality officer, stressed the importance of fighting austerity, challenging the dominant culture in the transport industry that marginalises women, and ending the segregation of transport work into ‘men’s jobs’ and ‘women’s jobs’.

New Committee

  • A new Women’s Committee was elected, including RMT’s nominee Michelle Rodgers.
  • My term on the Committee has now come to an end.

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