Report: TUC Disabled Workers’ Committee, 21 April 2016

Campaign updates:

  • TUC Manifesto for Disability Equality is gaining support: unions are encouraged to endorse it and promote it.
  • We will press the Labour Party to endorse the Manifesto and include its demands in its own manifesto.
  • There is a model article about the Manifesto for trade union journals.
  • The government is consulting on reducing the disability employment gap: the difference between the 46.7% of disabled people who are employed and the 80.3% of non-disabled people who are employed.; the TUC is submitting a response to this consultation.
  • The TUC has also submitted a response to a Parliamentary consultation on how people with multiple sclerosis can access and retain work.

Preparations for Disabled Workers’ Conference

  • All motions and amendments and in order; a few drafting errors corrected.
  • The Committee supports, without reservations, all motions and amendments: this suggests that there may be little controversy or disagreement in the debates at conference: on the positive side, this may reflect a powerful unity in the face of government and employer attacks on disabled workers; on the more negative side, it may reflect that the motions and amendments are so broad-brush as to overlook actual areas of disagreement.
  • The Committee agreed its report to the conference.
  • There will be a two-hour session given over to the Labour Party’s disability equality roadshow: the Committee is organising this to ensure that delegates get to articulate their demands on the Labour Party, rather than it being simply a platform for the Labour Party.
  • John McDonnell MP will address the Conference on the Friday morning at 09:30.
  • The Committee will hold a fringe meeting on the Thursday lunchtime on direct action, hosted jointly with Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC).
  • There will be a social on the Thursday evening, showcasing disabled musicians, poets and comedians; unions are asked to make donations towards the cost.
  • Unions and campaigns may book stalls at the conference.

We also discussed making future conferences more accessible, perhaps by considering alternative venues.

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