Solidarity with Ukraine!

Artillery rounds
and a barrage of shellfire
It looks and it sounds
like extending an empire
Bombing and shooting
civilians slain
Expansionist Putin
invading Ukraine
Threatening nukes
and rain hell from the skies
Dismissing rebukes
with chauvinist lies
Conscripts uprooting
and sent in to ‘train’
Murderous Putin –
get out of Ukraine!
It’s fine to be worried
about NATO’s intentions
And our government’s horrid
as I’m sure that I’ve mentioned
But let’s not be disputing
the right to remain
Independent of Putin
and stay as Ukraine
Our government lags
behind posturing caesars
So stop waving flags
if you’re not waiving visas
Pretexts refuting
and tyranny plain
So Russia and Putin –
get out of Ukraine!

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