Sophie’s Dad, Kevin

Kevin Gadd’s a splendid dad
But last week Kev did something bad
When cleaning daughter Sophie’s room
He used a mop, he used a broom
He swept enthusiastically 
But plastic pieces did not see
He vacuumed up her Lego bricks!
Not one or two but five or six!

The bricks went down the suction tube – 
Three minifigs, a cone, a cube – 
And when they reached the cleaner bag
Among the dust, the dirt, the slag 
They met some studs and tiles and blocks
From Sophie’s brother Nathan’s box
Connecting with their new-found friends
They organised a cruel revenge

They grabbed some pins and gaffa tape
Tore through the bag, made their escape
Then split apart and moved around 
And found positions on the ground
Lay down where Kevin put his feet
Beside his bed or favourite seat
Strategic places on the floor
Like just inside the kitchen door

You’ve never heard a louder cry 
Nor seen a father jump so high
It startled little Sophie Gadd
Who ran to help her stricken dad
So wise up, parents everywhere
When cleaning, exercise due care
And when you do your litter picks 
Make sure you save those Lego bricks



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