Spoken World

She chose a day to cast away
The gag she wore on words she’d say
The date was booked, twice underlined
The day she set to speak her mind

She told the shop she’s not impressed
With two-for-ones and more-for-less
And fair but firm, she told them flat
She did not want a drink with that
She told the phone she did mind holding
That she was bored of paper-folding
She told the useless referee
That was a slam-dunk penalty
She called out in her dressing gown
To turn that blasted racket down
She stared ahead and did not blink
The day she’d say just what she’d think

She told the preacher at the station
To quit the hellfire and damnation
She told her landlord: rent’s not due
Until he’s fixed her leaking loo
She told the rental agent’s bloke
Two hundred quid a week’s a joke
She told her boss she’s off at three
So call it nauseous lethargy
She’s sick and tired of work, you see
And she’s got somewhere else to be
Her frown relaxed, her toes uncurled
The day she chose to tell the world

She told a poll that stopped to ask
She has no favourite facial mask
And yes, she knows which way she’s voting
So no, don’t put her down as ‘floating’
She rang up Boots and Goldman Sachs
And told them they should pay their tax
She shouted at the TV crews
Celebs and royals are not news
She threw some rage at Question Time
That joblessness is not a crime
Her deep resolve had starred that date
No mincing words, she told it straight

It felt so good, it felt the best
To get these burdens off her chest
But soon she felt a tad frustrated
So righteous, nonetheless deflated
The rent’s still high, her pay’s still low
She’s still ripped off, they won’t take no
Her voice had flown on fading wing
It didn’t seem to change a thing
However loud she’d shout or sing
The bastards were not listening
Next day she made another choice
To speak in sync with others’ voice

They gave their boss a stern rebuff
The pay on offer’s not enough
They told the man who beats his wife
To get the hell out of her life
They told the Council in their town
They must not shut that refuge down
They occupied an empty block
And socialised the housing stock
They pitched their tents and made it clear
They won’t allow a runway here
And how her voice was amplified
When she and they spoke side by side

They formed an evening reading club
Talked economics down the pub
And then they told how they could see
Right through the false economy
And now they knew their history
They knew a better world could be
She did not lose her solo speech
But used it to debate and teach
And used her ears and brain as well
Ideas to hear, digest and tell
She stepped beneath a flag unfurled
The day she claimed her spoken world

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