The Art of Food and Drink

A rather silly poem about artists in food and drinks establishments. Tip of the hat to Tim Wells for the joke in the final verse:

I saw Picasso in the caff
And offered him a tea
Said he, “I’ll drink that through my mouth,
It’s next to my left knee”

George Stubbs came in the gastro-pub
I offered him main course
He said, “Give me a plate of oats,
I’ll feed it to my horse”

You’ll never guess who came in next
And asked me for some lunch
He ordered ice scream for dessert
Oh yes, it’s Edvard Munch!

Lowry has food festivals
That carry his great name
If there’s no match- or cocktail sticks
That would be such a shame

I saw Van Gogh down at the pub
And offered him a beer
He answered “Thanks for offering
But I’ve just got one ‘ere”



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