The Diarist

An entry to Hour of Writes ‘So To Bed’ theme

And so to bed
The diarist said
Or rather, the diarist penned
Deeds fine and sordid
Have been recorded
The day has reached its end

He knew the Dutch
Knew much too much
Outfought the English fleet
And then made headway
Up the Medway
The Admiralty was beat

The Plague brought loss
Red-painted cross
On a stricken house’s door
But the diarist’s year
Was full of cheer
For he was rich, not poor

Aboard a boat
The diarist wrote
Of London flames that spread
And Mr Pepys
The diarist weeps
Before he goes to bed

The diarist chooses
Women and music
As great pursuits of leisure
Nell Gwyn was pretty
Fine and witty
His mistresses brought pleasure

And so to bed
The diarist said
His eyes were feeling pain
Put down his quill
For good and ill
And never wrote again


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