The Gaoler and the Giant

Written in response to today’s tabling of new anti-union laws …

Said the gaoler to the sleeping giant
Your ties aren’t tight enough
These bonds are very slightly pliant
You need a tougher cuff

Said the sleeping giant to the gaoler
There really is no need
For years I’ve lain here getting frailer
I’ve lost the will to leave

My left side sometimes twitches, granted,
Though not much nor for long
Your tethers are most firmly planted,
Their anchor ropes are strong

Said the gaoler, you may rarely peep
And only yawn or snore
But I live in fear that though you sleep
You may wake up and roar

Of course you have the right to move
For fidgeting or yawning
But just if my new laws approve
And you give two weeks warning

Said the giant’s body to its head
It’s time that you woke up
The days have passed for playing dead
Come smell this coffee cup

I’ve been imprisoned far too long
Though I have done no crime
The gaoler’s yoked my muscles strong
And worked me overtime

I am your feet that stand in line
Your hands that sow the seed
I am your heart, your guts, your spine – 
Your job is just to lead

Said the gaoler to the giant’s backside
You see those limbs my way
If I allow my grip to slide
They might disrupt your day

You may be late or miss your flight
Your gaffer might be cross
So damn that hand that wants to fight
Instead of serve the boss

And if you’re prone to sympathise
Or give in to the mob
We have supplies of spare behinds
To do your dirty job

Said the giant’s body to its brains
Don’t be talked to like an ass
Let’s flex our muscles, break these chains
And rouse the working class

Said giant to gaoler, you’ve had your day
No longer shackle me
And tore those paper chains away
And strode out to be free

Said the poet, the moral of my story
Now I’ve told my tale at length
Heed not an asshole nor a Tory
Rise up and show our strength

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