The State of Our Estate

Badly kept, back swept
Cracks crept along the paving
and the window panes
Split plastic seats hung from rusted chains
in the playground we found
next to the car park with the gate on its hinges
where tyres were punctured by tossed syringes
Metal doors sealed vacant flats.
There were rats

Developers came scavenging,
enveloping, averaging
They liked the location,
next to the station
for trains to the City
Gains to be made,
a prime site
if you play your cards right
Upmarket apartments
growing up from the green spaces
into the market places

The developers planned
that we would be ‘decanted’
Not what we wanted.
We ranted. Protested.
The plans were rejected
Developers divested.

Our stance had hardened.
We planted gardens,
wore boots, put down roots
caused trouble.
Dug up the rubble from underneath it.
We’re not ready to bequeath it.

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