The Strike Train

… with a nod to W.H.Auden’s The Night Train …

This is the rhythm of wheel along steel
It’s the soothing and comfort that passengers feel
From the safety of knowing the doors only close
When the guard says it’s ready, that’s when the train goes
This is the sound of the train gaining speed
From the city to country, now crossing the Tweed
The hum of the engine, the shriek of the whistle
The beautiful countryside, moorland and thistle
Secure in the knowledge, when powering along
That the guard is in charge in case something goes wrong
But this is the sound of distressed parents’ pain
When their kid’s on the platform and they’re on the train
This is the howl of the person who’s caught
In the door as it closed, or the gap, now distraught
Is the passenger struggling to get their leg free
Cos there’s nobody there with the sole job to see
That the train doesn’t leave till you’re safely on board
Because this is what happens when there is no guard
This is the scene when the signals have failed
When the points became loose and the loco derailed
When the driver’s immobilised, passengers trapped
And there’s no guard in charge because guards have been scrapped
These are the sounds and the sights we don’t like
These are the reasons why we’re out on strike
So don’t let the driver take all of the strain
Say No D.O.O, keep the guard on the train.

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