The Truth

A poem written in 1985, back in my days as The Big J. I might choose different wording these days, but the point remains – depressingly – relevant. The illustration is from Wake Up! fanzine when it published this poem and the Housewife’s Trial iin 1985.

This poem’s a lament, it’s a tale of great woe
About a comment I heard some days ago
Hearing really made me get the bird
The most cretinous statement that I’ve ever head
One thousand dead braincells in combination
With the total IQ of a cabbage plantation
Could surely have mustered the intelligence to say
Something less stupid than I heard that day
In the Top 40 dumb statements it sits proud at No.1 – 
“It must be the truth – I read it in The Sun”

I don’t believe that your mental health
Is sufficiently poor to stop you thinking for yourself
You say politics don’t bother you, you really don’t care
So you just read The Sun and believe what’s in there
With twisted statistics and news abused
With stories of Tories and right wing views
Loyal to the Royals, OK yah with the stars
Glories in war and “ain’t that bizarre?”
Well the tits are alright and the bingo’s just fun
And it must be the truth ‘cos I read it in The Sun

So thank God we live in Britain, we’ve got freedom of choice
Between Matthews’, Murdoch’s and Maxwell’s voice
All rich capitalists to a man
With a vested interest in the Tory plan
Well that’s your freedom so take it or leave it
It’s written in The Sun so you’d better believe it
And just remember that when all’s said and done
It must be the truth – I read it in The Sun

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