Thick Racists

They’re backward, stupid, racist, sexist
They voted Trump, they voted Brexit
They must be mental, mad or sick
They’re racist and they’re thick
Good people didn’t vote this way
Bad people don’t do what we say
They don’t accept the politic
They’re racist and they’re thick
Why don’t they see that times are tough?
The national budget’s not enough
They should be beaten with a stick
They’re racist and they’re thick
We can’t afford to fund their schools
That’s no excuse to vote like fools
So he’s a redneck, she’s a hick
They’re racist and they’re thick
We thought with their illiteracy
They wouldn’t take us literally
He votes with one hand on his dick
He’s sexist and he’s thick
Why don’t these idiots understand
We’re dealing them a decent hand?
Our media operation’s slick
They’re racist and they’re thick
We put the blame on immigration
We flew the flag and cheered the nation
They took our words and went too far
How thick these people are!
We stirred the sewer, made it stink
And now we’re shocked these people think
The way that tabloid fingers click
They’re racist and they’re thick
We thought we’d thrown some crumbs to please
Enough oppressed minorities
They failed our vote arithmetic
They’re ungrateful and they’re thick
A whisper to the brave and wise
Still reeling with your shocked surprise
It’s time to ask the Hows and Whys
The soggy centre burns and dies
Can’t comprehend what’s come to pass?
Your politics have got no class
Admonishment gets on my wick
Your bubble wall’s so thick

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