Transnational Anthem

God save one’s gracious tax
Long live one’s noble sacks
God save one’s tax
Send it on holiday
Make sure the proles all pay
I own the islands anyway
God save one’s tax

One has to be much shrewder
Deposit some in Bermuda
And some offshore
Take all the dosh one’s got
Fill up one’s golden pot
And stash it on the Royal Yacht
Then get some more

Those frightful reds are touchy
I flippin’ own the Duchy
Long may one reign
Who is the cheque payee?
It’s H. M. Treasury
One pays the tax from me to me
Your loss, one’s gain

This is the wealth one’s seized
Plundered through centuries
By sword and suit
Why’s this a scandal? We
Handle cash cannily
We keep it in the family
God save one’s loot

This poem was published on Poetry24 on 7 November 2017.

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