I proper hate those Tube strikers
  they’ve well messed up my day
I’m late for tea at City Hall
  I walked most of the way
And then found out the CEO
  had nicked my parking bay
On every other day I don’t
  give them a second thought
They work to run the railway safely?
  Nothing of the sort!
I know they’re lazy bastards ‘cos
  I saw the news report
I hate those greedy Tube strikers
  they sure can go to hell
Our nurses and our teachers are
  paid so much less, I yell
(Though when they go on strike, you know
  I slag them off as well)
I wish those bloody Tube strikers
  would go and take a hike
My pay is crap, my hours are long
  but I don’t moan and skrike
I know I owe my boss my job
  so I won’t go on strike
On second thoughts, perhaps it’s time
  to wake up and get wise
To learn from their example – fight
  instead of criticise
No more hating Tube strikers –
  go out and and unionise!

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