TUC ‘Autism in the workplace’ handbook

Attached is the handbook for trade unionists on ‘Autism in the Workplace’, written by me and published by the Trades Union Congress in 2014.

This should be useful to all trade union reps and activists both in representing individual members who are autistic and/or have autistic dependants, and in organising to tackle discrimination and fight for autism-friendly workplaces.


  • The social versus medical model 
  • What is autism? 
  • Myths and facts 
  • Autism is a trade union issue 
  • How workplaces can create difficulties for autistic workers 
  • How workplaces can create difficulties for workers with autistic dependants 
  • Making workplaces autism-friendly 
  • Nothing about autistic people without autistic people 
  • Hate crime 
  • Autism and austerity 
  • Autism in parliament 
  • A guide to the law 
  • TUC Disabled Workers’ Conference policy  5
  • What your union can do 
  • Useful websites 
  • Glossary 
  • Appendix: an autism timeline

Download Page Content (.pdf)