Two Women Every Week

In England and Wales, women are killed by current or former male partners at the rate of two a week. Click the names highlighted in this poem to read the stories behind the statistics.
Thanks to Counting Dead Women for its work in telling these truths.

One hour in every eighty-four
Another body hits the floor
A hundred women every year
Killed by one they once held dear
Nine a month, four a fortnight
Do these figures sound too forthright?
The facts have faces, truth will speak
– Two women every week

Life’s moved since seven days ago
The weekends fast, the weekdays slow
Your seven sleeps and wakes since then
Saw two more women’s living end
At hands of those who hands they’d hold
Who held their trust til trust turned cold
An open-ended killing streak
– Two women every week

Lisa, Gemma, Jade, Chantelle,
Poonam, Debbie, Yvonne, Janelle,
Sarah, Hollie, Kate, Sameena,
Kanwal, Sandra, Anne, Madina,
Reece bashed Ashley round the head,
David stabbed Linah, now she’s dead
Their daughter saw and heard her shriek
– Two women every week

Count dead women, name the missing
Mark every death, til people listen
Some stalked by those who can’t accept
That’s she’s moved on; he won’t respect
’Cos she was his, possessed by man
If he can’t have her, no-one can
Deadly hunt, she hides, he seeks
– Two women every week

So where’s the headline, where’s the rage?
Why’s this not on your front page?
If there’s a hook that grabs attention
Maybe her murder merits mention
Model slaughtered, beauty slain
Psycho monster loose again
Otherwise, it’s just not news
– Our women dead, our ones and twos

The time has passed for being meek
– Two women every week
The time has come for us to speak
– Two women every week
Take action now cos talk is cheap
– Two women every week
We will not let this matter sleep
– Two women every week

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