We Had To Let Them Go

Ever wondered why only 16% of autistic adults have a full-time job?

He worked alone, not a team player
Not a keeper or a stayer
Didn’t fit in, not really our sort
Talked about boring stuff not sport
We had to let him go

She didn’t smile, service with a frown
Missed the big picture, always drilling down
Flapped her hands, rocked and hummed
Chewed her pen and sucked her thumb
We had to let her go

Profit margins were getting low
We didn’t want to let him go
But some things we just can’t afford
We can’t keep funding his support
So we had to let him go

Wasn’t friendly – never spoke
Lost her temper – can’t take a joke
Had some really weird obsession
Didn’t give a good impression
We had to let her go

She wouldn’t put in the extra hours
No party tricks or superpowers
Too quiet – too loud – too fast – too slow
Everyone said she had to go

Great at the actual job, to be fair
Well, yeah
But we had to let them go

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