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What Most People Think

Submitted by Janine on 19 November 2023 at 19:52

(Ode to Lee Anderson)

  • guest poem by Patrick Murphy


When I said I hated men dressed in pink

And that women should be tied to the kitchen sink

I wasn’t being a prat, a bigot or fink

I was simply saying what most people think


Mental health sufferers belong in the clink

That’s what our forefathers, bless them, would think

When drivers of cars were able to drink

And animals could die so the posh could wear mink


Stirring up hatred? I don’t see the link

I’m not giving fascists a nod and a wink

Civil society’s not on the brink

I’m simply saying what most people think


There’s only one thing that would make my heart sink

That would force my cold stare to break into a blink

And bring my little England all the way to the brink

It’s that dark, dangerous day when most people think

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