When Will The Revolution Come?

When the shepherd can’t whistle
and the sheep will not herd
The alarm couldn’t sound
and when nobody stirred

When the owner growls Sit!
and the dog won’t stay
The conductor drops the baton
and the orchestra won’t play

That’s when the revolution comes

When the piper can’t pipe
and the children won’t follow
When the lenders can not lend
and the borrowers won’t borrow

When the boss can’t say Jump
’cause the workers said No
When the cops can not stop us
and the march is all go

That’s when the revolution comes

When the rulers can’t rule
like they did in days of old
Because people are revolting
and they won’t do what they’re told

When the government’s not governing
and cracks become divisions
When we’ve made democracy our own
and we’re making the decisions

That’s when the revolution’s here


This poem will feature in An Assemblance of Judicious Heretics’ 2017 exhibition at Rochester Library. The theme of the exhibition is Revolution, and the poem will be accompanied by an artwork created in response to it.

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