Dirty: Abuse, trauma, failure and hope

Dirty, by Holly Bars

In Dirty, Holly Bars has created an extraordinary, mighty, courageous, poetic record of child sexual abuse and of the ways in which survivors are traumatised and failed.


Celebrating William Blake in Sussex Venue: St. Mary’s Church, Felpham, PO22 7PF Join us for jazz, talks, poetry, roots and more. With performance poet Janine Booth, jazz duo Sloth in the City, broadcaster Tamsin Rosewell, and Poetry in Motion with … Read more

Language Studies student analyses poem, ‘p.p.e.’

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Language Studies student Fiona Wilson wrote this analysis of Janine’s poem ‘p.p.e.’ for her degree, scoring a distinction.   Introduction This final piece of work, the EMA in fulfilment of the module, asks we students to consider the question “What … Read more

Shout Out For Shelley

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On the bicenterary of his death, in his home town of Horsham, Janine and other poets read Shelley and their own contribtuions to radical poetry. Hosted by the Shelley Memorial Project. Details and tickets here.

Reading TUC: Covid-19 and the Arts

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Janine rants about Poets versus Covid and Cuts.     The annual ‘Heart Unions’ event this years sees a focus on the perilous state of the arts during the COVID19 pandemic. For ‘COVID19 and the Arts’ we are joined by: … Read more

Black culture and resistance: the Harlem Renaissance

Augusta Savage

Published in Solidarity 569:     One hundred years ago, an arts movement was forming in a mainly-black district of New York City. Later known as the Harlem Renaissance, it was primarily cultural but also inescapably political. Literature, poetry, jazz, … Read more

Clerihew: Langston Hughes

Langston Hughes

Langston Hughes Wrote poems in the rhythm of the blues He gave folk the shivers With ‘The Negro Speaks of Rivers’

Poems of the Harlem Renaissance


I have contributed this short article to Black History Month activities where I work. Poems of the Harlem Renaissance – recommended by Janine Booth Maya Angelou, Langston Hughes and Claude McKay were all black American poets who were part of … Read more

Lunar Poetry podcast interviews Janine Booth (2015)

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In April 2015, the awesome Lunar Poetry Podcast interviewed Janine.   Listen to the podcast here (and listen to Lunar’s many other most excellent poetry interviews and discussions)   Here’s the transcript: Host: David Turner – DT; Guest: Janine Booth … Read more

Drinking with Dylan at the Half Moon, Herne Hill

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On #InternationalDylanDay, Janine will be joining other poets to celebrate Dylan Thomas, at the venue immortalised in her poem, The Barred List at the Half Moon Herne Hill. The Half Moon, 22 Half Moon Lane, Herne Hill, London SE24 9HU

This Table Is Reserved


This table is reserved for The Poetry for this pub and for all who sail on it A villanelle, pantoum or ballad or free verse, sestina or sonnet It’s not for a hen night or party but for words that … Read more

The Subaltern’s Swansong

– a rewrite of John Betjeman’s The Subaltern’s Love Song  Young Duncan H Dunn was the subaltern’s son Born then withdrawn when the courting was won Conceived in the back of the subaltern’s car His dad had not planned on … Read more

‘One Hundred Years’: Steve Bloom’s epic poem on the centenary of the Russian Revolution


Today, this website joins with websites Steve Bloom Poetry, Old and New Project, Links (Australia), International Viewpoint, Ecosocialist Horizons, Lalit (Mauritius), Radical Socialist (India), Socialist Party (Sweden), Spirit Child, Jozi Book Fair (South Africa), Workers’ Liberty, Marxist Study Group (Namibia) and Solidarity (USA) in simultaneously publishing Steve Bloom’s epic poem in celebration of the centenary … Read more



In the 1790s, poet William Blake wrote ‘The Marriage of Heaven and Hell‘, which included ‘Proverbs of Hell’. Here is a modern poem of proverbs … === If it ain’t broke, it soon will be If you want to get ahead, … Read more

This Poem is Sponsored


This stanza is sponsored by a weekend bonanza of two-for-one deals on our easy-cook meals from the town’s happy eater which has paid for its meter All of its sponsors have generously given a big wodge of dosh for their … Read more

And It Could Be Years


A poem written by my partner John Leach … Janine has got cancer My partner could be dying, it’s only a matter of time, and it could be years. People say it’s not what it was they’ve got it early, … Read more