Ovaries Out Plus Hysterectomy, hopeful Outcome: odds Radically reduced Ensuring Cancer can’t Touch, take Obstruct or obliviate My many more  Years This poem is included in the book, The Big J vs The Big C: issues, experiences and poems in … Read more

Affordable Home


Apartments and unfurnished Flats rented or retailed for a small Fortune, unfortunately unaffordable Out of the price range, out of Reach of those who need a place to call ‘fixed abode’ Dictionary defines ‘affordable’ Adjective: within one’s financial means; not Beyond … Read more



Looks like this, does it, liberation? Isolated from supplies, routes closed, blown from the skies Barrel bombs bowled along alleys Enclaved civilians tweet from their graves, farewells from beneath Rubble, the stones where their homes used to be Aleppo cries, … Read more



Ring the AA, I need roadside recovery Ever since the last services, I’ve been craving like buggery Carling is calling – I’m sweating like a sauna Off-licences are dealers on every corner Very important you come right away Emergency service … Read more