East End Women Take Action: 1888-2016

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Be inspired by over 100 years of east London women fighting for change (and winning!) Join the East End Women’s Museum and East End Sisters Uncut for an afternoon of short talks and conversations about the different ways east London … Read more

Review: the councillors who went to jail

Back in 2009. Docklands publications The Wharf published this review of Janine’s book, ‘Guilty and Proud of it: Poplar’s rebel councillors and guardians 1919-1925’.

Poplar: A Different Sort of Labour Council

An article published in Workers’ Liberty no.66 in 2001, which turned out to be a precursor to my 2009 book, Guilty and Proud Of It. In Hackney, east London, the Labour/Tory coalition administration – the first in Britain since World War … Read more

Guilty and Proud of it: extracts

from Solidarity 156, 30 July 2009, origianlly posted here Janine Booth’s recently published book “Guilty and Proud Of It!” is a story about how a group of socialist Labour councillors in Poplar, East London, refused to bow to the “norms” … Read more