POSTPONED: Coronaverses Live! in Brighton

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This event will be rescheduled for the new year. Janine Booth and other contributing poets read poems from the anthology Coronaverses: poems from the pandemic at a Brighton venue with Covid safety measures in place. Details and tickets here.   … Read more

Attila Recommends CoronaVerses


Attila the Stockbroker gives his endorsement to CoronaVerses: poems from the pandemic. (Well, he does have a couple of poems in it!) And now for a passionate entreaty to buy a fantastic book of poetry. A few days into all … Read more

Solidarity on CoronaVerses: poems from the pandemic


Click here to read this very positive review. In a socially-distanced world this act of creating space for the looser, deeper observation poetry and other creative arts can make to our understanding of our present situation is important. If, like … Read more

CoronaVerses: poems from the pandemic

CoronaVerses Cover

Buy the ebook online here! This book is emerging in the UK at the very beginning of April 2020. Coronavirus has already killed over two thousand people in this country and many thousands more around the world. We are under … Read more