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Guilty and Proud of it: Poplars Rebel Councillors and Guardians 1919-25

The inspiring story of the 'rates rebellion' in the impoverished East London borough of Poplar after the First World War.
Published by Merlin Press, 2009.
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East End Women Take Action: 1888-2016

Submitted by Janine on 05 September 2016 at 17:19
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Be inspired by over 100 years of east London women fighting for change (and winning!)

Join the East End Women's Museum and East End Sisters Uncut for an afternoon of short talks and conversations about the different ways east London women have challenged sexism, racism, exploitation, and injustice then and now. Share your ideas and learn some new ones.

Speakers include:

Sheffield Workers Liberty: ‎How Labour Councils Can Fight Back: Lessons from Poplar

Submitted by Janine on 02 February 2016 at 18:09
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Venue: Central United Reformed Church, Sheffield

With Sheffield's Council planning to implement £50 million of cuts following the Tories' slashing of local budgets, Workers' Liberty, Sheffield host a talk on the heroic rebel councillors of Poplar and consider what is applicable in today's context.