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Minnie Lansbury: suffragette, socialist, rebel councillor

A biography of a daughter of Jewish immigrants who became a fighter for women's votes, against war and for socialism, who died shortly after a spell in prison as part of the successful Poplar Council rates rebellion. Published in November 2018 by Five Leaves, and available in print form here and as an ebook here and here.

A Heroine of our Movement

Submitted by Janine on 19 January 2019 at 16:18

Ian Townson reviews 'Minnie Lansbury: suffragette, socialist, rebel councillor' in Solidarity 491, 16 January 2019


Minnie Lansbury was one of the rebel Labour councillors of Poplar (East London) who in 1921 forced the Tory¬Liberal coalition government to start central government payments to equalise resources between councils in poor and in well¬off areas.

Janine Booth’s biography of Lansbury is rich in detail about her life; working¬class conditions at the time; and much more. It is a solid achievement given the scarcity of material available on Lansbury to work on.