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  • About poetry
  • Articles about poetry and favourite poems by others
  • My Poems
  • From sonnets to villanelles, limericks to ballads, the occasional rap and plenty of straightforward rants, serious and humorous and sometimes both, here is Janine's verse.
  • 1980s Ranting Poetry: The Big J
  • Janine performed poetry in the 1980s as The Big J. This section contains poems, articles and other bits n bobs from this historic era.
  • Acrostics
  • An acrostic is a poem in which the first (or sometimes, the last) letter of each line spells out a word or phrase.
  • Ballads
  • Each stanza has four iambic lines, of four, three, four and three beats. The four lines rhyme abcb, and balladeers may use an internal rhyme in the first and third lines.
  • Festive Funnies
  • Some daftly-rewritten Christmas odes
  • Formal poetry
  • Villanelles, sonnets, haiku, limericks and more ... Not all Janine's poems follow strict forms, but these ones do ...
  • Clerihew

    Four lines, two rhyming couplets. The first line is the name of a person. The rhymes and the line lengths are allowed to be - supposed to be, even - a bit rubbish.

  • Golden shovels

    A golden shovel takes another poet's poem (or extract) and uses its words as the end words of the lines of a new poem. So if you read down the right-hand side, just the last word of each line, of the golden shovel, you will be reading the poem that inspired it. The golden shovel expands, develops or even changes the meaning of the original.

  • Haiku

    First: five syllables Next line: seven syllables Last: five syllablesThere are some other rules too, but I'm ignoring them.

  • Limericks

    Five-line poems, usually funny or light-hearted; the first, second and fifth lines rhyme with each other; the third and fourth lines also rhyme with each other, and are shorter.

  • Pantoums

    A form of poetry comprised of a series of quatrains; the second and fourth lines of each stanza being repeated as the first and third of the next, until the last stanza, where the second and fourth lines are the third and first lines of the first stanza. Got that? Good.

  • Sonnets

    Fourteen lines of iambic pentameter. The two most usual rhyme schemes are ababcdcd-efefgg (English/Shakespearean) and abbaabba-cdecde or abbaabba-cdcdcd (Italian/Petrarchan). The move from the first eight lines (the octave) to the remaining six lines (the sestet) often sees a turn in the poem's theme or 'argument'. Plus some fourteen-liners that are not strictly sonnets.

  • Triolet

    Eight lines. The first and second lines repeat as the seventh and last lines, and the first line also repeats as the fourth line. The rhyme scheme is  ABaAabAB, capital letters representing the repeated lines.

  • Four Lines That Rhyme
  • Quick quatrains with a rhyme scheme.
  • Villanelles
  • A nineteen-line poetic form consisting of five three-line stanzas (tercets) followed by a final, four-line stanza (quatrain).
  • Poetry Performances
  • In this section, you will find information about gigs past and future, plus a few videos of Janine performing,
  • SpOAKen Word Lewes
  • Janine ran Spoaken Word Lewes for two years, from September 2021 - spelt that way because it took place at the Royal Oak, 3 Station Street, Lewes, East Sussex.
  • Stealth Aspies
  • Janine performed as part of the Stealth Aspies theatre company, a group of autistic adults telling autistic life stories on stage.

Steyning Festival

Steyning Festival

Together with Henry Normal and Attila the Stockbroker, Janine provides some poetic content for the annual festival in Steyning, Sussex. Keep an eye on the Festival website for details.

Powerful punk poeting at 0161 Festival


Janine takes to the acoustic stage of Manchester music and culture fest, 0161. Venue: Broughton Park Rugby Club, M21 7TL Details and tickets from the 0161 website, here

Oooh Beehive! Swindon

Oooh Beehvie, Swindon

Janine is the featured poet at Swindon’s Sunday afternoon poetry shindig. Venue to be confirmed.

International Women’s Day celebration, Ealing

Ealing TUC International Women's Day celebration

Janine’s annual poetic performance at Ealing Trades Union Council’s International Women’s Day celebration. There will also be speakers and music, and a good time will be had by all. Venue: to be confirmed  

Open Mic Lewes

Open Mic Lewes

Janine will be the feature poet at Open Mic Lewes, a monthly extravaganza of music and words at Only With Love café, Malling Community Centre, compered by the incomparable Anna and Terry.

Soteria in the Pub, London

Soteria in the Pub

Join us another Soteria in the Pub open mic event to raise awareness for compassionate alternatives for people in distress on Sunday 3rd March 2-6pm at The Betsey Trotwood (EC1R 3BL). This a ticket only event please book online free/donations welcome.

Neurodivergent poetry in Plymouth

Neurodivergent Poetry Plymouth

Janine is the guest poet at this celebration of neurodivergent poetry. Food and drink available to buy. To book a slot, contact @QueerOutLoud

BPD: Bullshit Psychiatric Diagnosis

BPD word cloud // Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Basic problem: dysfunctional brain. Poisonous dynamic. Bad person. Difficult. Branded, pigeonholed, dubbed bonkers, psycho, disturbed. Best put down ‘borderline’. Please don’t bother protesting, dear. Boffin professionals drafted brilliant Ph Ds berating personal downfall Browbeaten patients drop by pharmacy, drugs bring … Read more

Big Words at Tiny Rebel

Bigs Words Tiny Rebel

Venue: Tiny Rebel, Womanby Street, Cardiff CF10 1DD Janine is the feature poet at this poetry night, which also i9ncludes an open mic.

Women’s Fightback #30 launch

Women's Fightback #30, socialist feminist magazine

Join us to celebrate the launch of the new issue of Women’s Fightback, a socialist feminist magazine by Workers’ Liberty.