Us and Them

Peterloo monument, Manchester

A golden shovel based on the final stanza of The Mask of Anarchy by Percy Bysshe Shelley. They hold us down but still we rise, deference dies, we bite them down to size. Like Jayaben roars, we are the lions, … Read more

History Lessons


after Eventide by the Faith Brothers At the first opportunity, I dropped history – lists of dates of kings, queens and gilded greats, handed out from books by teachers who looked just as down about it as we felt. It … Read more

Ribbons of Scarlet

Cush at my 50th birthday gig

– a golden shovel after ‘Scarlet Ribbons’, for Cush At the peal of the bell, they don’t tell you there’s a field that not everyone comes back from. The survivor’s been fearing that he’ll never stop hearing the gunfire even … Read more

From a Dragon’s Den in Milton Keynes

'Dreams' in Milton Keynes

After Come to Milton Keynes by Paul Weller   Me and the rest of the company grunts, we know for sure that we are being used as fodder for the god of profit, doff the cap to ownership, it seems … Read more

Throwing Stones in 2020

throwing stone

After A Stone’s Throw Away by Paul Weller   News just in of last year’s protests starting again in Chile And hundreds of thousands massing in the city streets for women’s rights in Poland Burned-out squatters turning out in Johannesburg … Read more

Not In School Today

Youth climate strike poster

After Earth Beat by Paul Weller Her banner has a planet on, she’s carrying resistance and insisting that the government takes action for a new start for a cleaner, greener future from today. Her classmates walk beside her, she’s a … Read more

Reprise Her

girl with long hair

After Liza Radley by Paul Weller   While others despise her, Liza – that’s short for Elizabeth – Radley, I madly admire her, I see her dance and I yearn for the stance and the world of the girl labelled … Read more