End of the Line

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Walk down locked and empty streets alone, arrive for start of shift, it’s bear-the-brunt time to serve some others’ families not your own Going from the home front to the frontline Frozen pay, now tiny, ice-cold ‘offers’, red-bordered bills alert … Read more

Fallen Idol


after Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley   I met a bruised and smiling activist, elated, vindicated in their deed, who’d tossed into the harbour’s swell at Bristol the form of Portland stone to fishes feed Of one whose eight-foot statue’d … Read more

Self-Isolation in a Single Hostel Room

single room

Day 1 confined to room – no going out Day 2 do push-ups, Netflix, clean the floor Day 3 phone friends and scrub the tiling grout Day 4 a breakfast bag outside the door Day 5 phone friends and tell … Read more

Get Out Of Here


I’d like to get out but the lift doesn’t work And my knees are too weak for the stairs I meant to get out but the telly keeps telling me People like me should be scared I was going to … Read more

Rosa and the Water Buffalo

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When Rosa gazed through prison bars to street She saw the water buffalo which drove The heavy coated cart on cloven feet And when they could not pull their weighty load Their master turned his whip and beat and strapped Until they bled and flinched … Read more

Hettie Gets Out


She’s safely shut in and yet Hettie gets out And she goes to the places she cares most about Hettie gets out under cover of dark And she pushes the kids on the swings in the park Hettie meets Beryl … Read more

Another Country


The NHS is not another country Going to clinic’s not a trip abroad Its purpose is for treating not for hunting No frontiers from reception to the ward I have to cross the town not cross the oceans A hospital’s no … Read more

Halloween Underground


Blood sprayed across the ticket hall floor Capes caught and torn in moving rails Horns and scales and devils’ tails Make-up smudged some hours before Biting, fighting, broken jaw Cuts and slashes, tears and gashes Blades and bottles, glints and … Read more

How to Cover Up the Evidence


Concealer hides the redness and the bruises Long sleeves disguise the marks along her arm A bangle covers twisted wrist contusions A bandage shields her fractured thumb from harm Dark glasses screen her puffy eyes and tears Uncertain smile conceals … Read more

We’ve Got Something for That


Your breathlessness feels like asphyxiation You’ve missed a deadline for some bureaucrat You’re sighing, crying, busting with frustration I’m sure there is a therapy for that The lights and noise and pressure make you dizzy The heat is burning up … Read more