Sandbags and Gladrags


These are the banks that need to be propped up These the square miles that could do with some bailing out This is the high street where floating stocks are mopped up Defences that fail when they’re cut and left flailing … Read more

A Sonnet for Saga


‘Sonnet’ means ‘little song’; Saga Noren is the (autistic) lead character in Swedish/Danish crime drama The Bridge. A little song across a Bridge to link A multi-neuro-lingual Tower of Babel Two tongues, two countries, varied ways to think On fire … Read more

Roses and Bread


The house is getting dirty, she can’t face it The vacuum cleaner’s burnt out, lying dead She knows she’ll have to save up to replace it She wants a life of roses not just bread And sucking up the dust … Read more

Push the Button?


We have a fearless leader we can trust Who’s proved to us already that he would Destroy communities for their own good Burn shadows into pavements, flesh to dust He flaunts the firmest finger, face that fits A leader who can make … Read more


Every year on holiday he says He’ll write his life, a memoir from the flat Where once a letter slipped beneath the mat And sent him off to work not college days He says he’ll put on record anecdotes Red … Read more

Red Brick Dreams


If I could build the world from LEGO bricks The clean-lined architecture would delight We’d build for function and construct for kicks Each beautiful creative studded site  If I could build the world from LEGO bricks I wouldn’t let one … Read more

Sonnet to a Bricked-Up Window


Oh ticket office, ticket office, why Is your fair window really gone for good? However much I touch or hard I try The robot can not serve me like you could If you had closed ’cause I don’t have to … Read more

Sugar-Coated Sonnet

A sonnet written on the occasion of Lord Alan Sugar’s resignation form the Labour Party: So who invited that spiv to the party? No, we don’t want his cut-throat sort round here His anti-social manners are so nasty He’s nicking … Read more


Written on the centenary of the start of the appalling slaughter that was the Gallipoli campaign in World War One: Rank corpses carpeted Gallipoli At Russell’s Top, Lone Pine and Suvla Bay  By bullet, bayonet or dysentery Eight months of … Read more

We, The Undersigned


I’m going to add my name to two petitions My sense of right and justice is inflamed I usually have no time for politicians But those who keep their silence should be shamed There comes a time to stand up … Read more