Storming the Capitol

Lego Capitol

Trump set their touchpaper alight They marched there tooled up for a fight They’re so convinced that they are right And most still live – because they’re white

A Christmas ode


Opening presents, singing songs, Telling Christmas stories, Spreading seasonal goodwill And, mostly, hating Tories

Clerihew: Julie Burchill


Julie Burchill Will fight them on the beaches like Churchill She’s been cancelled and silenced by opinion shapers She’ll tell you all about it in the national newspapers               pic: Pete Linforth at Pixabay

Clerihew: Madonna


Madonna Was nearly a goner When she stepped on a mine Crossing over the borderline

Clerihew: Langston Hughes

Langston Hughes

Langston Hughes Wrote poems in the rhythm of the blues He gave folk the shivers With ‘The Negro Speaks of Rivers’

Clerihew: J.K. Rowling

JK Rowling

J.K. Rowling Is bawling and howling That a wolf can change into a human But a man can’t change into a woman

Clerihew: Johnny Rotten


Johnny Rotten Has obviously forgotten The establishment he maligned Now he talks bollocks: never mind

Clerihew: Morrissey


Morrissey Is even worse than Boris, he Had a stroke of luck When he missed that ten-tonne truck

Clerihew: Rosa Luxemburg


Rosa Luxemburg As I’m sure you must have heard Was jailed and murdered as she would not conform And preferred revolution to reform    

Clerihew: Michael Gove


Michael Gove Spun and stitched and wove A tapestry of policy Of bloody awful quality       . . . . Photo: Chris McAndrew / CC BY (

Clerihew Times Two: Herbert Morrison / Peter Mandelson


Herbert Morrison was moderate and worrisome He had an appropriate grandson: Peter Mandelson Peter Mandelson could not get a handle on The passionate, radical, principled and quarrelsome: rather like his grandfather, Herbert Morrison

Know Your Enemy

Refugee boat

To see the roots of poverty the plight of the have-nots Don’t look at little dinghies but at massive super-yachts



Why should I give the time of day to folk who take their ball away Especially if that taken ball is punctured, flat and very small?