20/20 Vision


Leaving science by the bye I know when I’m reflective That seeing the world through just one eye Puts life in deep perspective

Waiting for a Train


I’m sure it really is a pain Waiting ages for a train But if you want a true ordeal Ask the “migrants” how they feel

The Tools for the Job

I tried to explain to a ten-year-old tyke Why we bother with spelling and grammar You can knock in a nail with your shoe if you like But you’re better off using a hammer

Morning Glory

New Year’s morning, London city What a warming, cheery sight Of faces pink and plump and pretty And smug cos they weren’t pissed last night

Person With Autism?


It’s something I am, not something I’ve got Although that may seem a fine line You can’t separate us – oh no, you can not It isn’t Asperger’s – it’s mine!

Baby’s World


My eyes don’t focus yet on places Further than my parents’ faces The centre of my world’s that breast Where I’m the sole and honoured guest

Charity Ad

ONLY YOU can save this kid ONLY YOU and your three quid – But think how many kids we’d save – If all that unpaid tax were paid

Happy New Year 2015

I only have one resolution I can’t be arsed with diets or owt If we can’t have a revolution At least let’s kick the Tories out

Poetry vs PFI

Four quatrains inspired by The People vs PFI conference on 1 November 2014: I PPP is Public-Private Partnership – but how? The same way steak’s a partnership Of a butcher and a cow. II PFI is Private Finance Initiative, but … Read more

Carpe Diem

Seize the day, Theresa May, Lock extremist scum away While you’re there, inspect the cell And lock yourself inside as well