Ageing punk bands in their prime
Winning goals in extra time
Subtitled Nordic TV crime
And watching it with you

Singing Set the House Ablaze
Dorset cottage holidays
Friday evening takeaways
And eating them with you

Chuckling at our mums and dads
Collecting pens and other fads
Outnumbered four to one by lads
Our family made with you

Picket lines and politics
Getting on each others’ wicks
Cats and dogs and LEGO bricks
And fishing reels and you

Recommended reading books
Stupid jokes and knowing looks
Eating what our youngest cooks
And drinking tea with you

Your voice on radio interviews
And swearing at the bloody news
Articulating fiery views
And poetry and you

If I don’t always fit you in
Between these many life-warm things
Please know that these and everything
Is filled with love and you

(for John Leach, pictured)



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