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Work and menopause

Menopause at work hit the headlines on 22 February as the Equality and Human Rights Commission issued new guidance on the issue. However, the guidance only affirmed what the law has been for the last fourteen years, and the fact that news coverage trumpeted it as a breakthrough can only mean that employers have not been following the law.

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BPD word cloud // Credit: Wikimedia Commons

BPD: Bullshit Psychiatric Diagnosis

Basic problem: dysfunctional brain. Poisonous dynamic. Bad person. Difficult. Branded, pigeonholed, dubbed bonkers, psycho, disturbed. Best put down ‘borderline’. Please don’t bother protesting, dear. Boffin professionals drafted brilliant Ph Ds berating personal downfall Browbeaten patients drop by pharmacy, drugs bring

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What Most People Think

(Ode to Lee Anderson) When I said I hated men dressed in pink And that women should be tied to the kitchen sink I wasn’t being a prat, a bigot or fink I was simply saying what most people think

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Middle-age Kicks

with apologies to The Undertones A middle-age dream’s so hard to beat Every time I’m offered a seat A cinnamon whirl in the neighbourhood With a glass of wine, it tastes so good I’m getting older, getting older, right Get

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Onward, Anti-Woke Soldiers

They’re marching off to war on woke, to fan the flames, to fuel and stoke a cooked-up culture conflagration, save the fabric of our nation and every thing we Brits hold dear from those who’d welcome migrants here They’ll soon

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Disability / Autism