Marxist. Trade Unionist. Socialist-feminist. Author. Poet. Speaker. Tutor. RMT ex-Exec. Workers' Liberty. Autie. Bi. PUFC fan.

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Janine will be speaking and poeting. Details to follow! Venue: The George Alcock Centre,…
Janine is the feature poet at this month's instalment of the legendary Hammer & Tongue Brighton. Venue: Rialto Theatre, Brigh…
To save the rivers To pay for their survival We must burst the banks
Give handouts to the City not the town Award the top the most, the bottom least and in the end, the wealth will trickle down So f…
I want to pour my anger into a poem. I want it to drain from my scorched throat and flow down my arm, into my fingers, through my…

I proper hate those Tube strikers
  they've well messed up my day
I'm late for tea at City Hall
  I walked most of the way
And then found out the CEO
  had nicked my parking bay

On every other day I don't
  give them a second thought
They work to run the railway safely?
  Nothing of the sort!
I know they're lazy bastards 'cos
  I saw the news report

I hate those greedy Tube strikers
  they sure can go to hell
Our nurses and our teachers are
  paid so much less, I yell
(Though when they go on strike, you know
  I slag them off as well)

I wish those bloody Tube strikers
  would go and take a hike
My pay is crap, my hours are long
  but I don't moan and skrike
I know I owe my boss my job
  so I won't go on strike

On second thoughts, perhaps it's time
  to wake up and get wise
To learn from their example - fight
  instead of criticise
No more hating Tube strikers -
  go out and and unionise!