Neurodiversity in Rail conference 2024

Janine will be a keynote speaker at this year's Neurodiversity in Rail conference. Here is some information from the organisers of the Neurodiversity in Rail conference, the Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Excellence ... About the Neurodiversity in Rail ... Read more

#MeTU: Poeting against sexism

Peckham Audio 133a Rye Lane, London

Janine joins the party to raise funds for #MeTU, which campaigns against sexism and sexual harassment in trade unions. The organisers write ... #MeTU benefit at Peckham Audio - Friday 17 May! If you haven't already got tickets for our ... Read more

Marxism and Neurodiversity

The human species includes people with minds of all kinds. Neurodivergent people face exclusion, discrimination and disadvantage. How can Marxism help us to understand neurodiversity and how to achieve liberation for neurodivergent people? How will the experiences of neurodivergent people ... Read more

Neurodivergent poetry in Plymouth

Minerva 55 Bretonside, Plymouth, United Kingdom

Janine is the guest poet at this celebration of neurodivergent poetry. Food and drink available to buy. To book a slot, contact @QueerOutLoud

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