Neurodiversity in Rail conference 2024

Neurodiversity in Rail conference 2024

Janine will be a keynote speaker at this year’s Neurodiversity in Rail conference. Here is some information from the organisers of the Neurodiversity in Rail conference, the Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Excellence … About the Neurodiversity in Rail … Read more

TUC Disabled Workers Condemn P&O Sackings

RMT - Save PnO Jobs

The TUC’s Disabled Members’ Committee has made this statement: Accessible public transport is essential for disabled people to participate in society on an equal and independent basis. To be genuinely accessible, public transport must be adequately staffed by workers with … Read more

Report: TUC Disabled Workers’ Committee, 9 October 2019

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Accessible Transport I will be convening the committee’s accessible transport working group, which will also include Elane Heffernan (UCU), Colleen Johnson (NEU) and Austin Harney (PCS). We already have a campaign plan, which will now be updated. The Committee agreed … Read more

Report, TUC Disabled Workers’ Committee, 17 April 2018


1. TUC Disabled Workers’ Conference, 24-25 May, Bournemouth Motions – The Committee agreed to to support all motions and amendments, except: Unison’s amendment to Unite’s motion on Universal Credit (oppose) – the motion opposes UC; the amendment wants to change this to … Read more

Proposing RMT Adopts the Social Model of Disability


At this year’s RMT AGM, I spoke in favour of a resolution from the union’s Disabled Members’ Conference calling on the union to adopt the social model of disability. The resolution was passed unanimously. This is what I said. RMT’s … Read more

RMT holds first disabled members conference


Published in Solidarity 435, 12 April 2017 On 28 March, transport union RMT held its first ever Disabled Members’ Conference. Rank-and-file activists had called for the establishment of this conference for several years, but repeatedly met with rejection by the … Read more

Report: RMT Disabled Members’ Conference


Yesterday saw RMT’s first ever Disabled Members’ Conference, held in London. Although quite small (9 delegates, plus union officials), the important thing was that it took place at all, especially as rank-and-file members had pushed for its creation against the … Read more

The Strike Train


… with a nod to W.H.Auden’s The Night Train …   This is the rhythm of wheel along steel It’s the soothing and comfort that passengers feel From the safety of knowing the doors only close When the guard says … Read more