Bessie Gilmore’s Eyes

A rewrite of The Adverts’ Gary Gilmore’s Eyes, from the point of view of his mother Bessie.


I’m lying on my death bed
Just one son here by my side
One had thought me wretched
And the other two had died
A mother of dysfunction
An abused and angry wife
I can’t say I’m accomplished
As I look back on my life

I’m looking through Bessie Gilmore’s eyes

I saw my sister killed
And saw my mum beat by my dad
I turned my back on Mormon
And I ran off with a cad
A conman and a violent thug
A marriage made in Hell
I brought four children into this –
He battered them as well

I’m looking through Bessie Gilmore’s eyes

The one that he beat hardest
Was the one who turned out worst
A petty thief turned murderer
He’s brutalised and cursed
Sentenced to the firing squad
Refused a mercy plea
And gave away his corneas 
So someone else could see

I’m looking through Bessie Gilmore’s eyes
Looking through Bessie Gilmore’s eyes

Bessie don’t have no eyes to see
Bessie and her sons have parted company



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