Borough Till I Die

I was pleased to be invited by Dulwich fan Mishi​ to write a Posh-supporting poem for the forthcoming Dulwich vs #pufc friendly.
So here it is. It’s in 4-4-3 formation. ;-)
Up The Posh​!

I’m pretty sure it was seventy-four
When I first squeezed through that hallowed door
To watch the Borough boys play
My dad wan’t much of a footy fan
He’s more of a rugby or cricket man
But that wouldn’t keep me away
The terraces then were a boys-only world
Girls who like football were not really girls
It’s a little bit better today
In this century, Posh has a women’s team
At last fulfilling my schoolgirl dream
Too late for me, but hey

A goals record saw our League life begun 
In style in sixty / sixty-one
The record still stands, so rare
Some decent times then bitter years
When free kicks raised ironic cheers
Some seasons hard to bear
But thrice to soccer’s stadium shrine
Three times we went and won each time
Three flags show I was there
If you’ve never lost at Wemberley
You’ve never lost at Wemberley
Then clap and punch the air

So here’s to more years going round
Each small and friendly football ground
Cheering Up The Posh!
Please ensure there are women’s loos
Fit for human beings to use
Let alone to wash
And veggie burgers with cheese for sale
In seeded buns that are not too stale
And other tasty nosh
And past the scarves and fast food vans
Please play your hearts out for the fans
And make it worth the dosh

Please don’t laugh at our bunny mascot
Cos we’re not posh like the toffs at Ascot
The big boys need not fret
We reside with pride in a lower division
But now and then our heads have risen
Above the parapet
We stay in the Championship two years not three
So they can’t make us go all-seater, see?
I explained to a guy I met
Who asked: with all these tales of strife
Have you followed the Borough all your life?
And I replied, “Not yet.”

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