Bring It Home

Bring help
Bring fire engines
Bring water
Bring air
Bring stretchers
Bring ambulances
Bring us round from sleep and out to safety

Bring food 
Bring clothes
Bring blankets
Bring camp beds
Bring phone chargers so we can find our friends and family 
And tell them that we made it

Bring shoulders to cry on
Bring arms to embrace
Bring ears to listen
Bring hands to hold
Bring the strength to go on

Bring news
Bring hope
Bring solidarity
Bring community
Bring what you can
Bring yourself

Bring questions
Demand answers
Bring the letters written and the warnings given
And bring the inadequate replies

Bring the plans
Bring the regulations
Bring the budgets
Bring the decisions and the contracts
Let everyone examine them

Bring your despair, your pain
And blend it in solidarity with others’
Bring it to the boil
Bring it into the enquiry room
And into the corridors of power
Bring the truth out into the open
Bring justice
Bring charges
Bring this system down


This poem was published in Solidarity 443, 30 June 2017.

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