Our public sewage industry
was sold to private bidders
Who don’t dispose of putrid waste
but dump it in the rivers
They take responsibility
and flush it down the loo
For building up the affluent
builds effluence up too
The Tories’ excremental sale
saw treatment work neglected
As income goes to bonuses
so beaches are infected
While money leaks to dividends
the stinking backlogs grow
The undertow of affluence
makes effluence overflow
So surfers, swimmers, walkers, all
who like a clean, fresh breeze
It’s time to turn the pressure on
those toxic, blue MPs
They vote down legislation and
they leave us only words
When people vote Conservative
they make us wade through turds
So wise up, floating voters, please
and climb out of the pit
If we don’t kick the Tories out
we’re doomed to live in … a rather unpleasant, polluted environment



Lewes Constituency Labour Party’s poem of the month for November 2021..

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