Fighting Tories: The Force Awakens


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Janine’s newest collection of poetry, grabbing Tory Britain by the scruff of the neck.

CONTENTS: Coffee Stop; Proverbs; Labour Heartlands; Affordable Home; A Tale of Two Cities (the Rich and the Towerful); Trains Out of London; Hackney Gardens; A Way Through the Woods; Rootless Cosmopolitan; London; Planet Pantoum; Widening Roads; Little England; This Place; Why Can’t You Just Be Normal?; Ethan Sneaks Out; Not OK;  Revise the System;  Ban the Booth!; Middle-aged Woman Starter Pack;  Lighting, Rigged; The Story of Sarah and Gertie; Five Crosses; Performance Review; Who Needs Bosses?; Soldier F; Thoughts and Prayers; Unlucky Number; Stonewall Was a Riot; Gloating Voter; Nowhere to Hide; Jacob Rees Mogg; Poem Notes and Anecdotes