The Prime Minister Speaks on the Occasion of One Hundred Thousand U.K. Covid Deaths

Boris is sorry – deeply sorry –
for every life that’s been lost

Johnson is worried – deeply worried –
about the political cost
He takes responsibility – full responsibility –
for all of the government’s actions

Johnson is possibly – in all probability –
counting financial transactions
Boris’ government did all that it could
to minimise losses of life

But it didn’t repair social care’s loss of blood
from the gash from austerity’s knife
When asked what went wrong – so terribly wrong –
Johnson just says he’ll repeat
His pitying song, his face looking long –
no answer behind his conceit
He says that the sorrow is hard to compute,
he says the statistic is grim
He passes the buck to a man in a suit
to unburden the onus from him
Written to launch the new ‘poem of the month’ feature for Lewes Constituency Labour Party

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