Year On, Cancer Gone – But For How Long?


Wednesday was the anniversary of my breast cancer surgery, and to celebrate, I had an appointment with the surgeon. Or, as it turned out, with the surgeon’s fellow surgeon, a little less senior. Shame: I would have liked to have … Read more

New Breast Cancer Meds Approved


The National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has approved two new drugs which will help women with advanced breast cancer. Ribociclib and palbociclib have been welcomed as ‘breakthrough’ meds which can prolong life and give women up to … Read more

Maps of My Baps – a Year On


I have just come back from hospital having had my mammaries grammed. Yes, it is nearly a year since my surgery, and to comammarate this anniversary, my boobs must be squeezed and scanned again. A trip down mammary lane. Enough … Read more

The Fading of Pain


Yesterday was my first day without painkillers since my hysterectomy twelve days before. Whoop. Not my first day without pain, note, but my first day without pain that had to be killed. Moreover, the previous day saw my wound dressings … Read more

Lesions and Adhesions


This morning, I ventured out of the house for the first time since my hysterectomy last Thursday. It wasn’t the most exciting outing, but it feels like something of an achievement. I left hospital on Friday with instructions to go … Read more

Hysterectomy, with a little Hysteria


The alarm sounded at five o’clock, I drank the two bottles of pre-op somethng-or-other the hospital had given me, reset the alarm for six fifteen and went back to sleep. I’d only been in bed since midnight, after a delayed … Read more

Whipping it all out


This morning, I was at Homerton Hospital preparing for surgery next month. So, what’s occurring? Back in January, the medics discovered something dodgy on my cervix. It turned out to be a cervical ectropion – nothing too serious, but it would need … Read more

Hot Boobs and a Weekend in Hospital


I haven’t blogged for some time, I suspect because I have been trying to see myself as Woman Without Cancer, ex-cancer patient, person with a past problem. Then when that delusion blew up in my face (well, down my side, … Read more

Disinfected Middle-Aged Women


The Disaffected Middle-Aged Women are having a spell in hospital … A ward where women fight cirrhosis Cysts or endometriosis Battling germs with hourly doses We’re Disinfected Middle-Aged Women Sutures, dressings and a clip Special socks so we don’t slip … Read more

Back at Bart’s


Today I was back at Bart’s for my radiotherapy follow-up appointment, to check how I coped with the treatment and any problems I have had since. The appointment can be summarised thus: Hi. How are you? Show us your boob. … Read more

Mind the Gap: Cancer and Class


… or ‘The Lumpen Proletariat’ … Over recent decades, UK cancer death rates have fallen significantly. They began falling in the late 1980s, and by 2006 had fallen by 17%. More people than ever before are surviving cancer, with 78% … Read more

Overdoing It?


Since resuming my membership of the sports centre five days ago, I have visited every day – and no, not just to check the timetable or use the vending machine.  Two days ago, I reached untold heights of pleasure by swimming … Read more

Swimming Against The Tide


Back in the pool today After six months away Cut, cooked skin no longer broken There is surely scope For a breast stroke joke

Working Out Towards Recovery


Six months after I ‘froze’ my sports centre membership when I was too biopsied to work out, today was the day that I felt thawed enough to unfreeze it. Yes, I returned to the gym. And oh yes, it was … Read more

Back to Work


Last night, I returned to duty in my proper job, as a London Underground ‘Night Tube’ station supervisor. These days, the official title is ‘Customer Service Supervisor’, but I prefer it if you have some idea of what I actually do … Read more

Can Prayer Cure Cancer?


After visiting the hospital yesterday to get my oedema looked at, I sat for a while in the small church of St. Bartholomew-the-Less, conveniently located on the way out of the hospital on the way to the bus stop. I … Read more

That Can’t Be Right


A retrospective blog post today, looking back at when I noticed that something was wrong. I didn’t write about this at the time because I didn’t want to alarm anyone without reason. The blogging only started once the diagnosis was … Read more

Oh Dear, It’s Oedema


Yesterday evening, something rather alarming happened. There I was, minding my own business, watching telly, when my T-shirt suddenly became soaking wet, in a patch from above the nipple downwards.  I remember something similar on the occasions when I had … Read more

So, What’s Radiotherapy Like Then?


Lie back, gown down, naked from the waist up but clothed from there down to my shoed feet. It really is most remarkably comfortable. Even my raised arms get cushioned rests that not only bear their weight but also bring … Read more