Lives Shortened


Sorry? Is Jeremy Hunt for real? Up to 270 dead is the toll of that ‘glitch’ That is Hundreds of women gone unscanned, untreated Hundreds of women gone That is the toll of that ‘glitch’ Up to 270 dead is  … Read more

No ‘Arm in Getting it Checked Out


When they released me from A&E last week, they pressed into my hand a letter telling me to come back to the hospital this morning to visit the HAMU. HAMU? Wtf? It turns out that this is the Homerton Ambulatory Medicine … Read more

Give Us a Clue


Cancer Research UK has ruffled some feathers with its campaign to publicise the links between obesity and cancer, prompting accusations of ‘fat-shaming’. I’m not easily offended – in fact, I dislike the whole notion of ‘offence’ – but the campaign does deserve … Read more

Hello Hospital, My Old Friend


I’ve just got home from hospital. There’s no need to overly worry yourself: I’m OK, all things considered. Here’s the story … In the middle of last night, while I was at work, my right arm began to feel uncomfortable. … Read more

Hot Flush


by Donna How-I’m-Gonna-Cope-Come Summer Sittin’ here sweatin’ my heart out waitin’ Waitin’ for my temperature to fall Tried about a thousand remedies lately Want to bash my head on the wall Gonna have a hot flush, baby, this evenin’ Gonna … Read more

Scanning Bones


Yesterday, I had a bone density scan, to ascertain how dense I am. Or how dense my bones are, anyway. This is because my new anti-cancer pill, Letrozole, has an annoying tendency (known as a ‘side effect’, I believe) ot thinning your … Read more

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow


It is most excellent weather for menopausal women. While others moan and bring phrases like ‘brass monkeys’ and ‘stone jug’ out of hibernation, I am enjoying blessed relief from the hot flushes and night sweats. I walked down the Euston Road the … Read more

Eyes on the Prize


The Pfizer guys are haggling with the NICE And while they talk, the cancer spreads again You’ll get your pills when they’ve agreed a price You’ll get your answer when they’ve rolled their dice And dealt your hand out in … Read more