Article on ‘Autism in the Workplace’ guide

This article – – in HR Review, outlines the usefulness of the ‘Autism in the Workplace guide’ I wrote for the TUC in 2014.

TUC ‘Autism in the workplace’ handbook

Attached is the handbook for trade unionists on ‘Autism in the Workplace’, written by me and published by the Trades Union Congress in 2014. This should be useful to all trade union reps and activists both in representing individual members … Read more

An Autism Timeline

From the TUC handbook, ‘Autism in the Workplace’. 1910: Swiss psychiatrist Eugen Bleuler coined the term ‘autism’, derived from the Greek word autós (αὐτός, meaning self). Bleuler was researching the symptoms of schizophrenia and identified a ‘withdrawal’ present in some patients as autism.  … Read more

An Autism Glossary

From the TUC handbook, ‘Autism in the workplace’. Asperger syndrome  An autism spectrum condition that affects the way a person communicates and relates to others. People with Asperger syndrome usually have fewer problems with language than those with other forms of autism, and … Read more

Autism: Useful Websites

From the TUC handbook, ‘Autism in the workplace’. All Party Parliamentary Group on Autism  Autism Europe Autism Hub (list of autism blogs)  Autistic UK  DANDA (Developmental Adult Neuro-Diversity Association)  National Autistic Society